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Some of the most common questions:

The Ombudsman investigates complaints about the administration of all organs of Government.  If he finds something wrong, he makes recommendations to solve the problem.  He can approach the High Court for a suitable remedy or relief if the recommendations are not acted upon. 

If any matter investigated by the Ombudsman has not been rectified or corrected to his satisfaction, he may submit a report to the Speaker of the National Assembly with a copy of such report to the Cabinet. 

The Ombudsman is objective and independent and will treat all complaints confidentially. The name of a complainant will only be revealed if necessary to resolve the matter (for instance if it concerns the complainant’s salary or other benefits, etc.)

You can complain about:

  • Government Institutions
  • Parastatals
  • Local Authorities
  • Private institutions and persons (only where it concerns the violation of human rights and freedoms)
We can investigate your complaint if it is about:

  • Human rights violations
  • Maladministration, eg. If an institution:
        • Took too long to do something
        • Did not follow its own rules or the law
        • Treated you unfairly
        • Gave you the wrong information
        • Did not make a decision in the correct way
        • Caused an injustice to you, eg. If you:
  • Did not get a service or benefit you were entitled to or there was a delay before you got it
  • Suffered financial loss
  • Over-utilisation of natural resources, destruction of ecosystems and failure to protect the beauty and character of Namibia
  • Misuse of public property by officials