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How to lay a Complaint

The various ways a complaint can be lodged.

  • Complainants can walk into any of our offices and lay, we will provide you with a complaint intake form.
  • You lay complaints telephonically at any of our regional offices or send an email to: office@ombudmsan.org.na
  • You can lay a complaint on our website, online forms
  • You can send us a private message on facebook and we will contact you.
  • You cans send an SMS to 20401, SMS is charged at 60 cents and SMS.

The Process of a Complaint

What happens when a complaint is lodged.

  • Once a complaint is received it is studied in order to establish if it falls within our mandates.
  • If the complaint falls within our mandate and has merit, we will proceed with the investigation process, after registering the complaint.
  • Complainants will receive acknowledgement of their complaint within 48 hours.
  • We will keep complainants updated on the progress of their complaint
  • We request that complainants respond to our requests for further information/enquiries within 28 days.
  • If we do not receive any communication from the complainant within 28 days, we will close our file on the matter.
  • Upon completion of the investigation, complainants will receive a closing letter detailing the outcome of the investigation.
  • If any compensation or reversals were involved, we request that complainants communicate to us, as soon they are affected.